by The Color Guard

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released October 28, 2019

Lalena Fisher - Guitar and vocals
Josh Zisman - Guitar and vocals
Jeanne Gilliland - Bass and vocals
Joe Salvati - Drums and vocals

Recorded at New York University's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music supervised by Rod Hui; engineers: Rebecca Krouse, Carter Matschullat, Mario Spinetti, Calpin Hoffman Williamson and Matthew Weinberg.
Vocals and additional tracking recorded by Josh Zisman in Rockland County NY.
Mastered by Wharton Tiers.

Package design by Lalena Fisher.

Released by Suziblade Music.


all rights reserved



The Color Guard New York, New York

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Track Name: Capture
This is the kind of day I’ve waited for
All year long
Beneath a sky of gray and a haze of doubt
We held out
Now that the clouds have passed and you are near
All seems clear

If I could capture this
With the sun exactly where it is
And the sky just that color
And you…

Would I freeze it in time?
Protect it in glass?
So rain will never fall, the moon will never pass?

This is the kind of day for savoring
Right now
So when the storm is near, we’re ready for
Warm downpour
And then we’ll run inside, ‘cause the time is right
For night
Track Name: I Had a Dirty Dream About You
I had a dirty dream about you
I wonder did you dream of me too?

Never thought of you this way before today when I woke up
Nighttime brought about a new excitement to the daily rut
You were just another guy
My subconscious made me wise

I had a dirty dream about you
I wonder, did you dream of me too?

Can you see it in my face, and how I pace when you are near?
Could it be you somehow missed the way we kissed? It was so clear
You were just an average Joe
Now, the wonders that I know

I had a dirty dream about you
I wonder did you dream of me too?

Now we’re close, feels out of place to feign a grace like we’re just friends
It was the most, it was the best, you know the rest; that’s where it ends
We were rolling on the sofa
Sad now that it’s all over
Track Name: Experiencia Exotica
Me sorprendiste, corazón
Pensé que yo conocía el amor
Lo quería sin ninguna razón

Pero luego, te encontré
Con tus maneras irreverentes
Lo que vino antes, lo dejé

Mirando en tu mundo
Veo cosas bastante extrañas
Y la atracción es profunda

Experiencia ... exotica ....para mi

De distintos vientos son
Las grandes olas que nos llevan
Y juntas forman un montón

Nos propela el corriente
No se si es sólo por un año No se si es por un ano solo
O si es cambio de mar permanente
Track Name: Heavenly Feeling
Where does it come from?
This is as right as it can get
What have I become?
Buttoning shirts like they’re my own
Where does it come from?
This feeling of home

We need never leave the ground.... not an earthly, but a heavenly feeling

Where do you come from?
And who gave you my kingdom’s crown?
You make routine fun
You know how to turn my frown upside down
Who have I become?
Trimming eyebrows, dressing wounds
You call and I come
When you need me you know I’ll be there soon

We rise above the clouds.... not an earthly, but a heavenly feeling

Where did we come from?
The humble earth, two humble seeds
Fundamental sum
Our humble souls unite with ease

A force from high above....

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